Burger King

Co-creation with partner creative agency, Colenso BBDO

Challenge: New Zealand’s a busy market for quick-service restaurants and, unsurprisingly, they all clamour to have their latest burger news to be heard across traditional broadcast media channels.

We had a an old favourite, the Outlaw Burger, coming back to BK for a limited time and, whilst broadcast communications sold burgers, they weren’t doing a brand love job to lift us head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.

Insight: Our target audience of young hungry males are living and breathing a digital life, and used social channels to stay hyper-connected with their social circles. For them, seeing their mates putting their money where their mouth is, eating an Outlaw Burger, is much more motivating and influential than broadcast communications.

Idea: “Outlaw” inspires visions of renegades and troublemakers and our idea was to catch and frame those young hungry males who were first to try the burger as just such a figure.

We’d make our Outlaw customers notorious across the internet, mounting a high-profile manhunt to catch them, merging real-world behaviour with digital advertising and inviting their online circles to engage with us to turn them in.

Execution: The key campaign element which ensured success was that Catch An Outlaw started with purchase: each day we pulled security camera footage and one Outlaw burger eater was chosen and turned into an outlaw. Their image was splashed across newspapers, street posters, websites and social media with real life change-outs across all digital media activity twice a day. And the manhunt began with a reward for the outlaw and the friend that turned them in.