Breast Cancer Cure x Lewis Road Creamery

New Zealand has the highest Breast Cancer rate in the world, and Breast Cancer Cure are a single-minded charity committed to funding research to find a cure.

Because Breast Cancer Cure commit their donations strictly to research, we needed a brand partner and an attention-grabbing idea to deliver reach. Our target audience is a pragmatic, rational, upper-socio female. And studies showed us that she was significantly more influenced by cause-related products.

Our idea…

Breast Milk – the cow’s milk that funds the cure.

By creating a product that our target audience purchase 2-3 times a week, we could deliver a routine donation without them having to change any behaviour whatsoever.

We approached partner, Lewis Road Creamery who have a growing following among our target audience, and for three months they would rebrand their most popular Organic blue top milk, as ‘Breast Milk’ contributing 20c from every bottle to Breast Cancer Cure.

As expected, Breast Milk generated a flurry of support all over social media as well as large media outfits all over the globe getting behind the idea, including The Daily Mail, Huffington Post and BuzzFeed.

But more importantly. Breast Milk was selling out.

The campaign generated millions of dollars in PR and delivered on all objectives, including raising awareness of Breast Cancer Cure, doubling their following across all social assets, increasing email sign ups, and exceeding our donations target.