At Y&R we believe there are two types of people.

There are those who move through the world at a nice, steady pace, content to let life simply happen around them. These people never question anything.

Then there’s the brave.

These select few demand more and are prepared to fight for it. They’re never satisfied with what they have achieved. They’re determined to be better. They’re willing to take risks, and hold themselves accountable. Because the truth is, nobody ever became great without first being brave.

With fantastic offices including a newly built in-house bar, we offer a great atmosphere, engaging culture and encourage a collaborative working style.

As a producer you live for making creative ideas a reality. You will be keeping on top of several productions at a time, managing budgets, shoots, clients, talent and crew, so an addiction to responsibility and a degree in juggling is a must. We need an exceptional multitasker, with proven relationship building ability who is a top communicator.

If this sounds like you or you want to know more please contact Rochelle Cooper via email or call on 0275 208284.