Westfield – Fashion Festival partnership with TVNZ:

Challenge: Westfield has a vast amount of exciting fashion festival events that go on every year within their centres, but awareness & scale around these events was lacking.

Insight: Utilise the mass scale and credibility of a nation-wide partner to sell in the excitement and breadth of events taking place, proving ‘why’ you should make Westfield your essential fashion shopping destination.

Idea: The Roving Reporter with TVNZ – a content series with a well-known host who covers off all of the events, talking to real shoppers, fashion-experts and event-goers throughout the festival.

Execution: Content was created live at events in and around Westfield centres using the TVNZ talent Amber Peebles. It then was syndicated across all TVNZ platforms; from within hero shows, to ondemand, and into social media. Content was themed to focus on each of the different events and ensured that it had a call-to-action built in. The collaboration process ensured that the client, agency and TVNZ teams worked seamlessly together throughout the project.