MECs’ task was to develop a channel plan that generated early momentum. Our goal was to get a top 25 ranking in the app store as quickly as possible, which would then give it the visibility it needed to kick on.

With this in mind, we built a digital strategy involving wide reach across both desktop and mobile platforms, targeting wifi reception where possible, in order to intercept the highest propensity to buy. We then optimised the mix over the subsequent weeks to ensure the best performers did the job. The provocative creative approach deserved some offline exposure, so we added large scale street posters around the main CBD areas to add visibility and get talked about.

The upshot was that we shot to top paid app in NZ, and anchored the app the top 10 total apps list. At last check, some weeks after the end of the launch campaign, the app was still number two paid app, and has made the top 10 grossing apps in the iTunes store.