Karicare was severely affected by the worst food safety scare in New Zealand history. Sales plummeted from a market leading 80% to negative share nearly overnight.

After weeks of media frenzy, zero products on the shelves for up to three weeks due to a national recall and worldwide scrutiny, competitors had seized advantage and stolen critical share.

Our campaign aimed to rebuild trust with mums and influencers by emphasising Karicare’s long-term role in the Kiwi culture. Because Karicare was made of the same special ingredients Kiwis were made of – New Zealand, we invited Kiwi families across the country to celebrate the local ingredients that made their little Kiwi so special.

In order to incentivise purchase and create a platform that would deliver brand recommendation among mums, we created the Made In Onesie (a one-piece for toddler’s) which were a customisable for toddlers.

It became a way to enable parents to celebrate the heritage of their little Kiwi, and a way of unlocking the ‘bragging broadcast’ mentality of parents.

With a full TTL campaign we created a 68% increase in average weekly sales, and built back trust and recommendation for the brand.
We helped Danone Nutricia recover from one of the worst food safety crisis in NZ history by building back trust, recommendation and market share for the brand significantly and in an astoundingly short time frame – from pitch briefing to market within six weeks. We helped lapsed and betrayed mums feel safe enough to return to the brand.