Chevron and Caltex’s products empower people to make easy and enjoyable journeys around the country, so we used this as a platform to come up with designs for their new offices. Combining harakeke (overlapping flax) – a native New Zealand plant that symbolises people coming together to form a strong bond for the future, as well as the sharing of knowledge – and an arrow to represent journeys and moving forward, we had a strong visual device to utilise throughout the office, inspired by Chevron’s logo.

The design included a reception area, meeting rooms, and a 18.4m curved corridor wall, featuring a journey from one end of New Zealand to the other, woven together in a dynamic, engaging progression from morning to night.

For the meeting rooms, we took the arrows common to road sign language and used them to illustrate Chevron’s values in a charming way. This tied Chevron’s values to the company’s practical purpose of enabling people to keep moving.

The result was an environment that incorporated elements of the global Chevron brand while portraying Caltex’s local roots and position in the market.