Co-creation with partner creative agency, Colenso BBDO

Challenge: Burger King is known as the home of big, beefy burgers, and justifiably so. However, with a new range of Chicken TenderCrisp burgers BK wanted to make in-roads to audiences beyond their young hungry male heartland, specifically females (though without losing even a single Whopper sale).

Insight: Getting on peoples’ radar would require us to make the new chicken range worthy of being talked about, something people were willing to share, so we sought inspiration from the most chatter-worthy, head-turning, news that gets people buzzing.

Gossip. Everyone loves it; nobody wants to own up to it. Our burgers needed to be implicated in a gossip-worthy situation to drive intrigue. Therein lay our insight: people are fascinated with catching others ‘in the act’.

Idea: We had to create something gossip-worthy, with a story bigger than a new burger we had to convince consumers to cheat on the famous Whopper, with a real-world experience that would truly capture attention.

In order to get new customers to “Cheat on Beef”, we needed to give them both the means and motivation to do so: where better to cheat than a discreet motel? In one of the oldest locations of infidelity; Motel Burger King was born: an activation so gossip-worthy and impactful, that it earned huge national reach through earned channels and rivalled paid reach otherwise gained in traditional channels.

Execution: We deployed paid media with extreme delicacy to craft the unfolding of our story: at the centre of our web of intrigue was our activation: a motel located in Auckland, refitted into a hotbed of scandal with a BK Chicken TenderCrisp restaurant in every room. Every aspect of the usual consumer experience of a motel was altered to create a truly bespoke Motel BK experience where people could go to ‘cheat on beef’.

The sole purpose of paid media was to fuel gossip, carefully managed to unravel like a rumour spreading uncontrollably through Facebook, geo-targeted mobile, celebrity paparazzi shots and radio partnerships.