Blunt make The World’s Best Umbrellas, with functional and aesthetic appeal in equal measure. To communicate this, we collaborated on a unique series of posters with Michael C Hsiung, a Los Angeles based artist whose moustache is as impressive as his body of work.

The functional element of the brollies is illustrated in the subject matter of each scenario. Various characters are rained on from above – not by water, but by objects that would otherwise cause them displeasure or comedic harm. A walking doughnut is safely sheltered from hungry stoners, fat policemen, and chubby children. A stick of dynamite takes shelter from objects that could light his fuse and end his days. And a nonchalant hippy takes refuge from animal furs, shaving cream, and pesky job applications.

The design appeal is evident in the microscopic detail built into each execution. Michael C Hsiung, whose quirky style has earned him a large following, laboured over each individual object, making sure the visual appeal of the final posters was befitting of the umbrellas themselves. Currently there are three executions in market, with more to come.