Y&R Wellington created a campaign for the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) which strikes a very different tone from a lot of the ‘government / safety’ work that’s out there.

The brief was that ‘Falls around the home can happen to anyone’ – and Y&R took this to it’s logical conclusion to create a distinctive campaign.

MEC built a channel plan based around getting the message into people’s minds as they contemplate and prepare for DIY tasks over the Easter break.

Knowing that newspapers and radio were the primary retail channels for DIY stores, we targeted those places to intercept the active DIY planner. We built a plan that delivered the balance of impact and frequency over the weeks leading up to Easter.

Activity was restricted to end of week and weekends for close proximity to the DIY activities, and this approach enabled us to stretch the campaign over a longer time period. The addition of street posters ensured the visibility followed them into the retail environment.