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We believe ads can be beautiful and rewarding experiences. We love making ideas people want to spend time with. Here are a few of our favourites.

The World’s Most Talked About Burger

To promote World Peace Day, 21st September, 2015 www.peaceoneday.org Burger King US called for a ‘burger wars ceasefire’ with their long standing rival McDonald’s.

Via full-page open letters in The New York Times and The Chicago Tribune, and out of home billboards. Burger King proposed the two restaurants set aside their differences. To join forces to cook and serve the ‘McWhopper’ – a peace-loving burger that combined all the tastiest ingredients from the McDonald’s Big Mac and Burger King’s iconic Whopper.

The letter extended a friendly, no-strings invitation to McDonald’s to participate in the project, and invited them to visit www.mcwhopper.com to view the full Burger King peace proposal and everything from packaging suggestions to recipe ideas.

The public immediately embraced the campaign and within hours thousands upon thousands of DIY McWhoppers have been made around the world and shared via social media and global news broadcasts. Instantly making the McWhopper a reality.

This resulted in one of the most talked about advertising campaigns of 2015, delivering over US$100 million worth of free media in the U.S alone. Every media story and social media post further raised awareness of the forthcoming World Peace Day.

Whilst McDonald’s decided not to accept the invitation to join forces for the McWhopper project, we were overwhelmed by the response from other QSR brands across the globe. Denny’s, Wayback Burgers, Krystal, and Brazilian chain Giraffas all put their hands up to take part. We accepted these offers and created the ‘Peace Day Burger’, a hybrid burger available for one day only, World Peace Day and would go on to become the 2nd most talked about burger of the year.

Jaguar Actual Reality

Jaguar invited the public at the Big Boys Toys expo to experience the only virtual reality simulation worthy of the F-TYPE. One that turned out to be not-so-virtual.

They were promised a next level VR experience in a Jaguar F-TYPE on, what looked like, a large motion simulator platform. A fake VR helmet played a distraction video while the car was secretly lowered and driven on to the adjacent arena by a precision driver. Hidden cameras inside the passengers’ helmets went live and they were taken on an adrenaline-pumping ride before being obliviously returned to the stand.

The Co-operative Bank

Regular banks are designed to hunt out profit. That’s their primary motivation. They’ve evolved over the centuries to be extremely efficient in the pursuit of that goal. Expecting them to behave any differently is, well, naïve at best.

They may portray themselves as nice, friendly organisations, but really, underneath it all, they’re still a bank with the same driving instinct. They have their sights firmly set on their prey, and guess who that is?

The Co-operative Bank is fundamentally different. It’s owned by its customers, so it’s in its best interests to not take advantage of them.

Breast Cancer Cure and Lewis Road Creamery – Breast Milk

New Zealand has the highest Breast Cancer rate in the world, and Breast Cancer Cure are a single-minded charity committed to funding research to find a cure.

Because Breast Cancer Cure commit their donations strictly to research, we needed a brand partner and an attention-grabbing idea to deliver reach. Our target audience is a pragmatic, rational, upper-socio female. And studies showed us that she was significantly more influenced by cause-related products.

Our idea…

Breast Milk – the cow’s milk that funds the cure.

By creating a product that our target audience purchase 2-3 times a week, we could deliver a routine donation without them having to change any behaviour whatsoever.

We approached partner, Lewis Road Creamery who have a growing following among our target audience, and for three months they would rebrand their most popular Organic blue top milk, as ‘Breast Milk’ contributing 20c from every bottle to Breast Cancer Cure.

As expected, Breast Milk generated a flurry of support all over social media as well as large media outfits all over the globe getting behind the idea, including The Daily Mail, Huffington Post and BuzzFeed.

But more importantly. Breast Milk was selling out.

The campaign generated millions of dollars in PR and delivered on all objectives, including raising awareness of Breast Cancer Cure, doubling their following across all social assets, increasing email sign ups, and exceeding our donations target.

Love From Land Rover

How do you make an already iconic brand even more beloved? Quite simply, you go above and beyond for your die hard fans.

Land Rover showed what Valentine’s Day can mean for a man, turning a heart-warming and heart-felt TradeMe listing into the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for four kiwi blokes.

Christened The Landy by the four Otago Uni mates 15 years ago, the listing reluctantly offered their beaten and broken 1957 Series I Land Rover for sale. It told the story of their many adventures and their sorrow at parting with their beloved truck.

While Will, Jeremy, Anthony and James thought they were closing a chapter with the sale, fate intervened, when the team at Land Rover NZ read the listing ad and a covert operation was hatched.

The Landy was lovingly restored and returned to the boys on national television. The resulting piece of content has already been viewed over 8 million times and picked up by global media including Top Gear and the positive feedback from Land Rover fans has been unprecedented.

Living Memories

Five New Zealanders are lost on our roads every week.

Their families don’t just lose a loved one. They lose a future with them.

Using the science of forensic age progression Weta Digital created five portraits of five road victims, as they would look today.

The campaign was launched by PR and unpaid media, capturing the attention of the nation on the eve of Road Safety Week.

After an intimate PR launch event featured on NZ’s highest rating current affairs show, the campaign was featured in editorial, TV, press, outdoor, digital, online and social media.


Weather To Wake

MetService supplies weather data to a range of media and other organisations around New Zealand.

To make that data even more relevant and useful to New Zealanders, we created Weather to Wake – an alarm clock app that taps into MetService’s weather data overnight and only wakes you up if the weather conditions are right for the sport that you’re heading out to play.

This mobile campaign won two Cannes Lions in 2013.


Blunt make The World’s Best Umbrellas, with functional and aesthetic appeal in equal measure. To communicate this, we collaborated on a unique series of posters with Michael C Hsiung, a Los Angeles based artist whose moustache is as impressive as his body of work.

The functional element of the brollies is illustrated in the subject matter of each scenario. Various characters are rained on from above – not by water, but by objects that would otherwise cause them displeasure or comedic harm. A walking doughnut is safely sheltered from hungry stoners, fat policemen, and chubby children. A stick of dynamite takes shelter from objects that could light his fuse and end his days. And a nonchalant hippy takes refuge from animal furs, shaving cream, and pesky job applications.

The design appeal is evident in the microscopic detail built into each execution. Michael C Hsiung, whose quirky style has earned him a large following, laboured over each individual object, making sure the visual appeal of the final posters was befitting of the umbrellas themselves. Currently there are three executions in market, with more to come.

Westfield Fashion Festival

Westfield – Fashion Festival partnership with TVNZ:

Challenge: Westfield has a vast amount of exciting fashion festival events that go on every year within their centres, but awareness & scale around these events was lacking.

Insight: Utilise the mass scale and credibility of a nation-wide partner to sell in the excitement and breadth of events taking place, proving ‘why’ you should make Westfield your essential fashion shopping destination.

Idea: The Roving Reporter with TVNZ – a content series with a well-known host who covers off all of the events, talking to real shoppers, fashion-experts and event-goers throughout the festival.

Execution: Content was created live at events in and around Westfield centres using the TVNZ talent Amber Peebles. It then was syndicated across all TVNZ platforms; from within hero shows, to ondemand, and into social media. Content was themed to focus on each of the different events and ensured that it had a call-to-action built in. The collaboration process ensured that the client, agency and TVNZ teams worked seamlessly together throughout the project.

HRV Pure Invironment Project

The HRV mission to reinvent the New Zealand invironment had evolved from purifying your air to offering a total home solution. It had become so much more than just ventilation – it’s heating, cooling and clean filtered water for your entire home.

In March 2014, we brought this total home solution to life through the HRV Pure Invironment Project.

A villa renovation, spearheaded by HRV, bringing together a family of like-minded brands to set a new standard for the health of kiwi homes.

Our Strategy: Weave the HRV philosophy and products into a story about property price speculation, one that Aucklanders and the media would follow to see the final outcome. Ultimately taking category ownership of the term ‘Pure Invironment’.

The idea: 45 Lincoln Street Ponsonby became the Pure Inviroment Project, a villa restoration spearheaded by HRV that brought together a family of like-minded brands to set a new standard for the health of kiwi homes

The result
• Over $500k worth of PR coverage, including a piece on 7 Sharp
+25% increase in sales YoY

Quickflix Smart Movies

These commercials feature two TV & film actors, on set, in costume, between takes. We join them mid-conversation, as they discuss the merits of Quickflix.


For whatever reason, beards are trending. This of course presents a significant problem for razor sales the world over. However, anyone who has actually grown a beard knows the reality – they’re feral, irritating pests that take on a persona of their own, then cling to the host face for dear life.

So to illustrate this, we photographed a series of bearded men, and replaced their facial hair with wild mammals. The call to action used the global Schick brand line ‘Free Your Skin’, inviting New Zealand men to rid themselves of their unwanted furry pest once and for all.

This outdoor campaign won 2 silvers at Spikes in 2014.


Karicare was severely affected by the worst food safety scare in New Zealand history. Sales plummeted from a market leading 80% to negative share nearly overnight.

After weeks of media frenzy, zero products on the shelves for up to three weeks due to a national recall and worldwide scrutiny, competitors had seized advantage and stolen critical share.

Our campaign aimed to rebuild trust with mums and influencers by emphasising Karicare’s long-term role in the Kiwi culture. Because Karicare was made of the same special ingredients Kiwis were made of – New Zealand, we invited Kiwi families across the country to celebrate the local ingredients that made their little Kiwi so special.

In order to incentivise purchase and create a platform that would deliver brand recommendation among mums, we created the Made In Onesie (a one-piece for toddler’s) which were a customisable for toddlers.

It became a way to enable parents to celebrate the heritage of their little Kiwi, and a way of unlocking the ‘bragging broadcast’ mentality of parents.

With a full TTL campaign we created a 68% increase in average weekly sales, and built back trust and recommendation for the brand.
We helped Danone Nutricia recover from one of the worst food safety crisis in NZ history by building back trust, recommendation and market share for the brand significantly and in an astoundingly short time frame – from pitch briefing to market within six weeks. We helped lapsed and betrayed mums feel safe enough to return to the brand.

Burger King – Motel BK

Co-creation with partner creative agency, Colenso BBDO

Challenge: Burger King is known as the home of big, beefy burgers, and justifiably so. However, with a new range of Chicken TenderCrisp burgers BK wanted to make in-roads to audiences beyond their young hungry male heartland, specifically females (though without losing even a single Whopper sale).

Insight: Getting on peoples’ radar would require us to make the new chicken range worthy of being talked about, something people were willing to share, so we sought inspiration from the most chatter-worthy, head-turning, news that gets people buzzing.

Gossip. Everyone loves it; nobody wants to own up to it. Our burgers needed to be implicated in a gossip-worthy situation to drive intrigue. Therein lay our insight: people are fascinated with catching others ‘in the act’.

Idea: We had to create something gossip-worthy, with a story bigger than a new burger we had to convince consumers to cheat on the famous Whopper, with a real-world experience that would truly capture attention.

In order to get new customers to “Cheat on Beef”, we needed to give them both the means and motivation to do so: where better to cheat than a discreet motel? In one of the oldest locations of infidelity; Motel Burger King was born: an activation so gossip-worthy and impactful, that it earned huge national reach through earned channels and rivalled paid reach otherwise gained in traditional channels.

Execution: We deployed paid media with extreme delicacy to craft the unfolding of our story: at the centre of our web of intrigue was our activation: a motel located in Auckland, refitted into a hotbed of scandal with a BK Chicken TenderCrisp restaurant in every room. Every aspect of the usual consumer experience of a motel was altered to create a truly bespoke Motel BK experience where people could go to ‘cheat on beef’.

The sole purpose of paid media was to fuel gossip, carefully managed to unravel like a rumour spreading uncontrollably through Facebook, geo-targeted mobile, celebrity paparazzi shots and radio partnerships.

Shapes Extreme

Shapes Extreme partnership with Jono & Ben:

Challenge: awareness for Shapes is high, but relevance amongst the core snacking audience of teenage males had started to fall, meaning they were being specifically requested less and less. With the new Extreme product, there was a chance to reverse this trend.

Insight: We needed to act like a teen to get on their radars & reinstate Shapes’ position as snack of first choice – taking our inspiration from the medium that young guys love the most, YouTube, we took trending stunts to the mainstream via some of their fave local celebs.

Idea: Shapes Extreme with Jono & Ben @ Ten – YouDoTube. A multi-platform sales driving integration, supported by trans-Tasman video assets.

Execution: an integration into the Jono & Ben @ Ten show where a celeb would perform an ‘Extreme’ trick found on YouTube – if they managed to complete the trick, audience members were in the chance to win a years’ supply of Shapes Extreme snacks and $500 cash. Content was shared across the Shapes’ Facebook community as well as the Jono & Ben show page to amplify the earned effect. Further amplification was created on Jono & Ben’s show on The Rock with the guys performing & filming their own stunts & pointing to the video content across multiple digital media sites – all bought to listeners by Shapes Extreme.

Burger King Outlaw

Co-creation with partner creative agency, Colenso BBDO

Challenge: New Zealand’s a busy market for quick-service restaurants and, unsurprisingly, they all clamour to have their latest burger news to be heard across traditional broadcast media channels.

We had a an old favourite, the Outlaw Burger, coming back to BK for a limited time and, whilst broadcast communications sold burgers, they weren’t doing a brand love job to lift us head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.

Insight: Our target audience of young hungry males are living and breathing a digital life, and used social channels to stay hyper-connected with their social circles. For them, seeing their mates putting their money where their mouth is, eating an Outlaw Burger, is much more motivating and influential than broadcast communications.

Idea: “Outlaw” inspires visions of renegades and troublemakers and our idea was to catch and frame those young hungry males who were first to try the burger as just such a figure.

We’d make our Outlaw customers notorious across the internet, mounting a high-profile manhunt to catch them, merging real-world behaviour with digital advertising and inviting their online circles to engage with us to turn them in.

Execution: The key campaign element which ensured success was that Catch An Outlaw started with purchase: each day we pulled security camera footage and one Outlaw burger eater was chosen and turned into an outlaw. Their image was splashed across newspapers, street posters, websites and social media with real life change-outs across all digital media activity twice a day. And the manhunt began with a reward for the outlaw and the friend that turned them in.

Vodafone 1-Second Weather

Challenge: With Vodafone’s continued network improvements we were tasked with making an emotional connection with New Zealanders (especially those outside of the main metropolitan areas) and demonstrate the strength of the network.

Insight: With smart phones and selfies the new norm, we believed we could take advantage of New Zealanders new found love of self-promotion to demonstrate the strength and breadth of Vodafone’s Network.

Idea: Partner with TVNZ to produce a daily weather segment as part of One News Weather, giving New Zealanders a chance to have their ‘1sec of Fame’ as they share their 1sec weather report. Audiences are asked to upload a short video selfie detailing the weather condition and location of their report to have the chance to be part of the news segment that night!

Execution: Designed to drive the daily delivery of a broadcast ready consumer weather report from across the country. We collaborated with FCB to implement a geo location and time targeted messaging approach, across both radio and digital channels to drive submissions prior to the daily production cut off of 2pm before TVNZ production teams cut, edit and submit to One News for broadcasting. To drive ownership and social traction FCB’s social comms team identify and contact each of the lucky chosen reporters to make sure they and their friends are aware they’ll be on TV tonight!

The Co-operative Bank Rebrand

The Co-operative Bank came to us with an urgent brief to relaunch their brand. New Zealand had very little awareness of the bank, and the benefits of its ‘co-operative’ status were not well understood.

Rather than communicate a philosophy, we chose to focus on the thing they truly do differently. The Co-operative Bank is the only bank to share its profits with its customers.

In two months we redesigned the bank’s identity from the logo up, culminating in the launch of a fully integrated campaign. Built from a new visual identity centred around the ‘prosperity loop’ – the infinity symbol linking the two o’s in The Co-operative Bank’s name – the new brand spoke to the profit coming out of the bank being put back into its community of customers.


Voter participation in New Zealand is on a steady decline, and recent public referendums have been ignored by those in power. The population is slowly becoming disillusioned and numb to the workings of government.

Our brief was to re-engage New Zealanders in the democratic process. On a global level, technology is fuelling change. The use of Twitter during the Arab Spring uprising is just one recent example of the power to connect and organise people. The Citizen App aims to harness this growing power, by creating a tool that allows not just New Zealand, but the world to vote, creating Democracy in real time. Knowing your opinion is supported by the vast majority can strengthen resolve and inspire action, creating a force for change and a global platform for media reference.

Each phone that activates the app is given a Citizen number, no identifying personal information is collected. Every day a question is asked of the Citizenry. Once a Citizen has voted, they can view the results, then pose a question of their own. The topic that trends most often becomes the question for the following day. Results are viewed on an interactive map, revealing differences of opinion across countries, regions, and suburbs. The open source results can be shared by anyone: private citizens and media outlets all over the world. Citizen (version 1.0) was successfully launched nationwide in New Zealand – a test market for future launches, with Australia and USA scheduled for the end of 2014.

Schick – Schibliminizer

Men are bored of Christmas. Schick wanted to bring back that boyhood excitement.

Y&R NZ’s solution? ‘The Schibliminizer’, a Facebook application that subliminally embeds mens’ Christmas desires in their missus’ brains via a seemingly cute and thoughtful Christmas video posted to her Facebook wall.

Energizer – Daylight Savings

Energizer needed a way to remind Kiwis of the biggest, smallest problem facing New Zealanders on Daylight Savings changing out our smoke alarm batteries. Employing the comedic talents of the vertically-challenged Dai Henwood, some short jokes, and a cheese wheel, we spread the word that if Dai can step up on Daylight Savings, so can you.


The long practiced art of taxidermy, has been used on every fur faced fiend know to man. But no one has taxidermied a moustache. Until now.

Every year, Schick sponsor Movember. And every year thousands of incredible moustaches are lost come December first.

Thus, Mount Your Mo was born.

The campaign was launched with an outdoor and online promotion. Facebook ads directed moustaches to the Schick for men page.

Men registered with the Mount Your Mo app, committed to a style, and were sent everything they needed to maintain, remove, and submit their moustache.

The worthiest were stuffed, mounted, immortalized and presented back to their mighty owners.

From a budget of only $5000, Schick reinvigorated Movember, achieved a 100% sampling rate and gained more Facebook likes and left over hair than you can shake a Schick at.

LG Face-to-Facebook

LG briefed us to increase consumer engagement using Facebook. So we built a 26-foot high, bricks-and-mortar LG Facebook wall in Auckland’s CBD – an entertainment hub to engage with consumers face-to-face, have real conversations, and put the social back into social media.

GEM Visa ‘Like’

GEM Visa ‘Like’

This latest instalment in the Gem Visa campaign is designed to highlight the increasing number of customers taking up the Gem Visa card offering and the product benefit of 6 months interest free.

ACC Falls around the Home

ACC Falls around the Home

Y&R Wellington created a campaign for the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) which strikes a very different tone from a lot of the ‘government / safety’ work that’s out there.

The brief was that ‘Falls around the home can happen to anyone’ – and Y&R took this to it’s logical conclusion to create a distinctive campaign.

MEC built a channel plan based around getting the message into people’s minds as they contemplate and prepare for DIY tasks over the Easter break.

Knowing that newspapers and radio were the primary retail channels for DIY stores, we targeted those places to intercept the active DIY planner. We built a plan that delivered the balance of impact and frequency over the weeks leading up to Easter.

Activity was restricted to end of week and weekends for close proximity to the DIY activities, and this approach enabled us to stretch the campaign over a longer time period. The addition of street posters ensured the visibility followed them into the retail environment.

York Street Mechanics

York Street Mechanics

Sea Shepherd for the Ocean

Sea Shepherd for the Ocean

An outdoor Billboard and Poster campaign aimed to shock people into action for Sea Shepherd.

Shapes Roadies

To launch Roadies from Shapes, we ran a TV campaign using the comedic concept of “Feed the Man Child”. In order to target our core male audience, we ran a busback campaign and did sampling around summer OOH events using “The Rock Roadies”.


The unique nozzle on the Panasonic ECO-max vacuum means it can get into the crevices other vacuum cleaners miss. Who knows what you’ll find there.

Josh Moore, CEO & CCO, Y&R NZ

We’re united by the belief that there are certain problems, that when solved, unlock disproportionately large commercial success. We exist to drive our clients’ business forward by identifying those pivotal problems and using creativity to solve them.

The Group

Y&R NZ’s offering includes seven distinct specialist teams that can lead or collaborate as needed.

As part of the Y&R Global Group we also have access to an extraordinary world of marketing intelligence.

Within the family we have world-leading specialist resource. VML, the global digital, social and mobile communications network. IdeaWorks, Australasia’s only retail and shopper marketing agency network. Wunderman, the world’s #1 Direct and CRM network. Kantar Retail and The Store, WPP’s retail marketing consultancies. Milward Brown and TNS, WPP’s global research organisations.



Full service creative agency.
Strategy, creative, account management, and production across all channels.

Y&R Media

Y&R Media

Full service media agency.
A team of channel strategists, media planners, buyers, and a specialist trading team. Part of the GroupM Global network.



Full service digital agency.
Specialist digital strategy, creative, and production. A team of online, mobile, social, SEO & SEM planners, producers, and developers.

Y&R Design

Y&R Design

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Delivering strategic and engaging design thinking for our collective clients.



Retail specialist agency.
The NZ office of Australasia’s only retail agency network, offering specialist retail and shopper marketing strategy, creative, and production.

Y&R Uprise

Y&R Uprise

Specialist digital strategy agency.
Experts in every aspect of the digital marketing strategy – search engine optimisation, social, remarketing, blogging, and everything in between.



Specialist PR Agency
Our team of PR professionals are well seasoned in the art of earning column inches on behalf of brands we represent.
We acknowledge the need to earn awareness with newsworthy content, communicated across many channels and in many different ways.

Team Red Media

Team Red Media

Dedicated Vodafone media team.
Set up to manage the Vodafone global media account. This team of 11 work independently from the main agency with secure servers and asset management.

Be Brave

You could move through the world at a nice, steady pace, content to let life simply happen around you. Never question anything. Never ask for more.

Or, you could be brave.

Take on challenges others might walk away from. To not only demand more but be prepared to fight for it. Take risks but hold yourself accountable.

Remember, there will always be somebody better than you. Someone quicker, wiser, more experienced, or more talented. It all comes down to who wants it more, who’s brave enough to push, to fight, and rise to the occasion.

The truth is, nobody ever became great without first being brave.

Kitchen Table

At Y&R all specialist teams share one P&L and an equal voice at the table.

Each seat at the table represents one of these five distinct specialist teams. Some clients work with one or two teams within the business but we are finding that more and more clients are moving to the fully integrated model.


Creative Director

TV Producer

Media Director

Experience Director

Communication Strategist

Account Director

Social Strategist

Shopper Specialist

Steve Kane, Managing Director, Y&R NZ

We’re in the business of making an actual difference to our client’s bottom line with ideas that genuinely change behavior in order to give our clients a bigger return on their investment.


We are over 100 of the most talented and diverse people in advertising today.

Josh Moore

Josh Moore

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Creative Officer

Creating beautiful experiences that excite people every day – this is the new job of advertising agencies. Making sure people engage with our clients, products, and brands, by making it fun.

My career over the last 15 years has successfully spanned both sides of the Tasman, giving me a unique ability to work insightfully on both Australian and New Zealand brands.

Founding, growing, and eventually selling my own agency in Sydney in 2011 honed my abilities as a business person and a creative, and is now a huge part of the skill set I bring to clients.

I look forward to meeting you, understanding your business, and your business challenges. Until then I can be found hanging out with my wife and kids in Ponsonby or in the City Works Depot, dreaming up a new way to engage kiwis.

Steve Kane

Steve Kane

Managing Director

I believe delivering both creative and commercial results for clients isn’t an ambition, it’s a mandatory.

Over the course of my career I’ve held senior positions in NZ and the UK across a broad range of marketing disciplines including suiting, PR & experiential and Creative Director.

It’s thanks to this breadth of experience I’m able to harness the collected intellect, experience, sensibilities, eccentricities and humanity of Y&R NZ for the benefit of the agency’s clients.

And I’ve been fortunate to develop and work on highly successful and award-winning campaigns for global brands such as Mercedes Benz, McDonald’s, Cadbury, IBM, Microsoft, Tiger Beer, Specsavers, Xerox as well as more local household names brands including ANZ Bank, Air New Zealand, Instant Kiwi and Tourism New Zealand.

One day I hope to finish the New York Marathon, unassisted.

Suzanne Bull

Suzanne Bull

General Manager Y&R Media

I have a wealth of experience within the New Zealand media industry and have worked on clients across all sectors. I have a genuine love for people and human behaviour which results in a 360-degree consumer centric approach to all of my media thinking. My passion lies in working directly with clients to develop new thinking to reach and engage the ever elusive consumer in an ever evolving media landscape.

The majority of my career has been spent fully immersed in agency, however a recent stint on the media supplier side has given me well rounded insight into the demands and media best practice from both sides of the fence. As such I pride myself on my ability to pilot a team of high performing media professionals to deliver best practice integrated media and communication solutions.

When not immersed in the world of advertising, you can find me contemplating life, rod in hand on the back of a boat, or getting lost in the moment with close friends, family and my two gorgeous tweenage children.

Gavin Siakimotu

Gavin Siakimotu

Creative Director

I remember calling my sister at work once to wish her a happy birthday or, most likely, apologise for forgetting her birthday.

We weren’t really able to hear each other very well though because she worked in an open plan office, and her co-workers were talking too loudly in the background.

I could hear their every word.

Excitedly, and unbeknown to my sister, their every word was about an ad I’d just made that went to air the night before.

I’ve forgotten Carolyn’s birthday several times since, but I’ll never forget that moment. I’ve won a heap of awards over the years, but I’ll take a real-world gong over an advertising one any day.

You can try me on that.

Tim Ellis

Tim Ellis

Managing Director, Wellington

Wellington born and raised, I entered the advertising game 10 years ago in London at Knapp Goodwin, FCB London and Euro RSCG, before moving back to New Zealand and working at Y&R Auckland and Colenso BBDO. I have been lucky enough over that 10 year period to lead and work with top brands including: British Telecom, Onetel, Tesco Mobile, Bank of New Zealand, 42Below, Noel Leeming Group, Colgate-Palmolive, DB Breweries, Frucor: Mountain Dew, V Energy, Just Juice and Pepsi to name a few.

As the lead account person, I have significantly driven revenue growth for my clients as well as led campaigns that have won significant international recognition at all the major award shows. In 2012 I was named no.2 Suit in the World as ranked by The Directory Big Won Report.

I am excited to head up the Client Service Department at Y&R Wellington where I will continue the agency’s focus on building great relationships, driving commercial results, creating world class creative work, and offering solutions not just ideas for our clients.

Greg Whitham

Greg Whitham

General Manager - VML

I have over 18 years experience in Digital creative & strategy, both locally and in global markets. It’s been a love/hate thing…

I love to see digital experiences and interactions function as a strategic tool – I hate seeing digital communication flounder as a superfluous cosmetic device. I love creative teams that can work collectively towards a unified goal – I hate passengers and turf protectors.

I love clients with a vision – I’m wary of those brainwashed by the cliches of the ‘new digital economy’. I love the UX experience design process – I hate the formulas and gimmicks that makes most digital experiences feel the same.

I love creating time-based, geo-relevant interactive media – I hate spinning 3d logos, icons with wings on and the growing plethora of digi-babble bullsh_t. I love technology that can engage a crowd into a collective experience – I hate the way technology can make us feel isolated.

95% of the time – I love what I get to do in this job.

Maureen Sipkes

Maureen Sipkes

Finance Director

Maureen brings to Y&R over 15 years experience in some of the industry’s top agencies, and we are thrilled to have her on board. With her trusty team of bean counters she ensures the smooth running of all things finance. As part of the Senior Management Team she is also instrumental in managing the agency’s continuing client and growth demands. Outside of work she loves cooking up feasts for her family and friends, and is always on the hunt for the next family holiday destination.

Bridget Ward

Bridget Ward

Fashion Creative Director

I am passionate about all things fashion. Most recently, I worked for Max Fashions, one of New Zealand’s largest women’s fashion retailers. This gave me a unique appreciation of client side processes from buying to marketing, and the fast paced retail market. I was responsible for the art direction, design and marketing across the entire brand including TV, OOH, social media and visual merchandising. I even contributed to the fashion forecasting of the buying team.

I commenced my career as a graphic designer working for The Aromatherapy Company, a NZ based gift retailer. Being part of a small team gave me the opportunity to learn many skills – account management, product design, and packaging design – and this role took me on many international buying trips to China. The last project I worked on was creating the most successful product in their twenty year history.

I am now the Fashion Creative Director at Y&R NZ, working on the Westfield NZ and Postie accounts.

Guy Denniston

Guy Denniston

Creative Director

I’ve been making ads for about 15 years and along the way my work has been fortunate enough to win pretty much every major award in advertising. Though, the one I’m most proud of is the Annual Silverscreen Pool Tournament Trophy, which I’ve held every year since 2003.*

I’ve worked with big multinational brands, iconic local brands, tiny start-ups and everything in between.

The one thing consistent across all of them is that they benefit from good ideas.

From Coca-Cola to Hallensteins, Greenpeace to Vogel’s, when you have a good idea, that’s insightful and relevant, you’re infinitely more likely to engage with your audience.

This has always been important but even more so now with audience-curated media.

It’s an exciting time, finding ever more creative ways to connect brands and consumers, and it’s a challenge I’d love to take on for your brand.

My wife and I are proud parents of Leo and Ivy, so when I’m not making ads I’m making cardboard-box cars and forts out of blankets.

Sometimes even for the kids.

*This may or may not be due to Silverscreen going out of business in 2004.

Catherine Hamilton

Catherine Hamilton

Y&R Group Trading Director

Originally from Wellington, I have spent many years in agency and media owner roles, leading sales and trading teams.

I love the challenge of pulling together a negotiation strategy to deliver the best outcome for our clients. Competitive by nature, I thrive on the thrill of delivering a mutually beneficial outcome.

I have worked across a diverse range of categories, including Government, FMCG, Automotive, Entertainment, Telecommunications and Finance to name a few.

Jono Key

Jono Key

Head of Planning

My role at Y&R New Zealand is as Head of Planning. I firmly believe that execution makes an idea great, but strategy makes it right.

I’ve worked as a strategic planner in both media and creative agencies. This experience means that I have a breadth of knowledge across both channel planning and creative thinking, helping to ensure the right message spreads in the right places.

I have worked in agencies in London, Sydney and Auckland. Notable pieces of work I have played a part in include: summer campaigns for Coca-Cola, the relaunch of Australia’s biggest telco Telstra, and Art Series Hotel’s Steal Banksy. This campaign was one of only nine in the world in 2012 to win a gold for creativity and effectiveness.

On the home front, I’m in the middle of renovating a villa in Remuera with my wife Evita and our two amazing children Odessa (3) and Otis (2).

Grant Maxwell

Grant Maxwell

General Manager – Y&R Media Wellington

I like to think of myself as the guy who marries motivated clients with creative problem-solvers.

I’ve spent about twenty years learning what works and what doesn’t in marketing and communications. My background in marketing, media, and client service combined with an affinity for data driven insights has been applied across the spectrum of clients and business problems.

I love my job, because every day is different, and each new challenge is a chance to find new ways to creatively solve business problems.

When I’m not solving clients’ problems, I can be found hanging with my kids Shea and Jana, or cruising Wellington streets with my wife Leah and the kids in our two classic Fiat 500s.

Rikki Townsley

Rikki Townsley

Media Strategy Director

I believe the role of Strategy is to ensure that the agency’s output solves clients’ business problems. My experience in senior client-side roles in both the United Kingdom and Australia keeps me focussed on providing actionable deliverables which provide genuine value for brands and, in turn, their customers.

Having worked in both creative and media agencies across Australia and New Zealand I’m evangelical about the benefits (I’d argue necessity) of creative and media working closely together to produce the best results and so take a very open and pragmatic approach to both intra and inter-agency collaboration.

A lot of my time over the past fifteen years has been spent trying to embed consumer-centric digital thinking into communications; a guilty pleasure is geeking-out on data in the pursuit of deeper insights.

Previous work that I’m proud of includes the segmentation and communications launch of the UK’s largest prepaid telco, Orange; the introduction of an entirely new digital and CRM ecosystem for Australia’s premium homewares brand, Sheridan; and the relaunch of Telstra’s brand and business communications strategy.

Outside of the office, I can usually be found either running or looking for my new favourite coffee spot.

Tom Paine

Tom Paine

Associate Creative Director, Auckland

Tom divides his time between ad making, fishing, and scheming ways to score a free boat. Only the first endeavour has proven fruitful, resulting in a respectable haul of door-stops at every major show, including a D&AD Yellow Pencil, gold at Cannes, and gold at the Effies. He also received the award for ‘Lifetime Achievement in Radio Advertising’ at the geriatric age of 27.

Tom was recently the #1 ranked New Zealand creative. His ranking at home has just slipped to #3 with the arrival of son Louie.

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